The Museum of Motion Picture

Our mission is to create a place to celebrate and explore how film has reflected and shaped world culture, and to help us all better understand what the movies have meant—and continue to mean—in our lives.








Museum Facts

–  There are approximately 17,500 museums in the U.S.

– There are more than 1,300 museums in the state of California.

– American museums average approximately 865 million visits per year. That’s more than the number of those who attend professional baseball, basketball and football games combined.

– The first publicly owned museum in Europe was the British Museum in London, which was founded in 1753 and opened free to the public in 1759.

–  The first specialized art museum was the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, established in 1764.

–  The Louvre in Paris, France was established in 1793, soon after the French Revolution turned the royal treasures into public property.

– There are other museums devoted to motion picture arts and sciences. Among them are: the Berlin Film Museum (, the National Cinema Museum in Turin, Italy (, and the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, New York (


PS: wishfull thinking – nar fi frumos sa ajung si eu la acest minunat muzeu in vizita?! … dar nuuuu, nuuu, tre sami consum timpu, energia, banii si nervii cu tzevi inghetate si probleme locative. Bleah!

Anybody upthere? I need a sign from you 🙂


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