Let it go

Today I realized that so many times my work (graphic design) also means “let it go” 🙂

–       When the client ask for a certain color, that you don’t fancy too much in that particular case

–       Doing multiple changes to the same layout – when you get to version number 12 , you get very peaceful, believe me

–       Receiving almost impossible requests, or kitsch  / vulgar ideas

–       When your beautiful creation isn’t approved for some bogus reason

–       When you work for many hours and at the end of the project you found out that wont go live


I learned this after a couple of years  – to let it go…

Everything is how it should be, there’s no need to argue with reality.

Later edit:

I’m a work  in progress :D, I don’t get the zen attitude all the time, but I’m working on it 100%.

* * * * * * * 

Design is altruism because you think about the recipient not about the designer.

Designul adevarat inseamna altruism petru ca te adresezi  in primul rand unui beneficiar / privitor si nu pui pe primul rand designerul cu preferintle lui. Un designer intr-un process de creatie trebuie sa renunte in mod repetat la versiuni ale creatiilor sale pana ajunge la un rezultat rafinat.


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