E.S. Posthumus – Nara

What You Need

Guide my life into destiny

Climb outside
Reach up and paint the sky with me
Finding you has changed everything

We both break free if we make it on top
If one should fall we both will drop
We move together from here on out
What you need is what I’m about

I’m alright with the world we’re in
Let’s end this night
And let it go with the morning light
Finding you has changed everything

Starting with one desire to grow
Our path is laid with seeds we sow
Into the universe we fall

We’re tied together now and forever



Lyrics from




poem preluat de la


cand am timp o sa fac si traducerea in ro


pt mine vorbeste puternic, de dublul din mine, din fiecare, partea neprelucrata, cea care tot timpul pare sa te traga in jos, de fapt cere doar atentie la ce ai neprelucrat inca.


If one should fall we both will drop
Daca e sa cada unul din noi, amandoi ne vom prabusi


We both break free if we make it on top

Amandoi ne vom elibera, daca vom tinde catre inalt


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