7 seals – Rudolf steiner


the seven planetary seals are images drawn by rudolf steiner. they were carved into the columns in the first goetheanum in dornach, switzerland, 90 years ago. if you have reference material about them, please consider sending it to me so i can add it to this site.
when i learned that the planetary seals morphed from one to the next, i immediately wanted to see an animation to help me understand how that could possibly happen, since at the time, i could not imagine such a thing.
now, many years later, after waiting in vain for someone else to create the transitions, my imagination, with the help of flash, has improved.some of you may be familiar with the seals already. if so, you may have noticed that the orientation of the seals varies from artist to artist, or from source to source. the placement here follows the drawings of carl kemper, published in der bau.i am grateful to brian gray, a teacher at rudolf steiner college in sacramento, who advised me in this project.




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