Transit of Venus


Today the rare Transit of Venus across the sun is a proverbial dance of love. This pairing happened last in June 2004 and will not occur again for another 100 years. These transits occur in pairs which given the nature of the duos tango makes a lot of sense.

Venus will make its way across the sun in spectacular fashion. This amazing event will actually be observable throughout much of the world beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.Please make sure to never look directly at the sun as it can be harmful to your eyes. Use safeguards or wait for all the pictures that will be taken by photographers using protective gear.

Venus, long heralded as representative of the feminine aspect is a beacon of love, beauty and sensuality. The Goddesses of ‘amor’ have been celebrated throughout history. Before Venus, Astarte was known as the ‘eastern star’ in the early cultures along the Mediterranean. Aphrodite was her Grecian counterpart; while Hathor and Bastet were Egyptian versions.

The sun has a masculine aspect. Now you can begin to see that this transit is truly a dance. The sun powerful in its brilliance is joining in this sensational waltz with the divine feminine – Venus. Here we have the interaction of both the male and female traits – the forces of creation and manifestation on all levels.

This transit is spiritual as well because the sun represents the soul and God spark innate in all things. “As above so below,” means what happens in heaven also happens on earth. So the transcendent purpose of this interaction of Venus and the sun is to bring love into the soul of each inhabitant of the earth as well as to merge the divine attributes of femininity and masculinity into a powerful cohesive force.

2012 is a universal reset button. The two facets of creation – the male and female aspects have been pulling apart for thousands of years. On earth we have seen matriarchal civilizations and patriarchal periods like our current time. Tuesday’s celestial alignment focuses on our utilizing the energy of both the male and female aspects of ourselves in a more harmonious way.

Venus speaks to us about bringing more love into our lives and into the physical realms of the planet. Much of the chaos on earth has been due to separation and divisiveness and not so much about communion and balance. So how do we utilize the energy of this transit?

Sun and Venus Affinities

Everything on Earth has a connection or affinity for something else. For example for every disease there is a plant or substance on the planet that can counteract and cure the condition. They all just need to be discovered or perhaps rediscovered.

Venus has a connection with apples, avocados, cherries, hibiscus, cardamom, honey, passion flower and chocolate. This is the planet of love and relationships, not just romantic affection but all types. So people will be popping up in your mind or reconnecting with you during the next few weeks or so.

The sun relates to gold, tea, pineapple, rice, oranges, ginseng, frankincense and olives. This star is about power, creation, success, goals and life. It is a necessary ingredient to everything in our solar system just like our souls whether we know it or not. It connects mind, body and spirit together and actually links everything on the planet.

Harness the Venus Sun Transit Energy

Practice Gratitude

One of the most powerful things to do on the transit day is to be in gratitude especially at the actual time of the crossing in your area. Have some hibiscus or passion fuit tea by yourself or with friends and loved ones; perhaps add a bit of chocolate if you dare. Sit, relax and go into a state of quiet peace focusing on the area just at your diaphragm. Connect with your heartbeat and go into gratitude for all that you have in your life.

Fully appreciate and bless the good around you. As you begin to do that you may feel a beautiful warmth in your heart. At that point begin a thankful appreciation for the people in your life even the ones that have been negative. You see their negativity at times can be a gift to help you release and discover things about yourself that bring about transformation and healing.

Bless Everything

Put love and positive thoughts on everything and everyone because that is how healing comes about. A negative situation can shift with the kiss of joy and light upon it. Bless your body, your job or even the job you don’t have and want. Bless the partner in your life and the one you want or the one you are ready to release. Bless the brother that is on drugs and the neighbor that won’t be quiet. Bless it all.

Manifest and Create

It is good to make a list of what you want to see in your life. Start a list of about 24 to 34 things you would like to have or create in your life. Write as many as you want. Put them in present tense and with a positive spill. Include a few things for other people and yes throw in a good thought for the world as well. United today at this pivotal time we can bring about shifts for ourselves and others.


Now call up someone you have not spoken to in a while. Send out a positive email. Put some love on Facebook. Begin to know and act just as if everything you have thought, blessed and created is already in place.

If you miss Tuesday for these exercises you can do them later and or often. This is truly a great time in history and we are all a part of it. Decide now how you will be.

Enjoy the journey. Peace and Blessings.

About this column: Debra Campbell is an intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, artist and healer. Over the past three decades she has completed 30,000 sessions in person, on stage, radio, TV or by phone for those seeking guidance.

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