despre mini seria “The Bible” de pe canalul History

Si un articol interesant despre mini seria “The Bible” de pe canalul History–crucifixion-scenes-brought-48-snakes-and-a-life-changing-experience-for-diogo-morgado-211712546.html


„People knew. People knew, people who don’t necessarily believe,” he says. „Remember, these are actors and production people of all faiths … but people knew something was happening.”

unusual occurrences that happened during filming,

And imagine being crucified,” says Burnett. „I’ve seen artifacts of nails from that. They’re enormous nails that go through someone who’d been crucified by the Romans on their hands and their feet. Enormous. And the pain must have been absolutely excruciating. [But] during that suffering, the first thing he said is, ‘Forgive them. They know not what they do.’  That is so critical, because in the worst possible situation of torture and death, [his] first thought is to forgive others, which as you know is one of the main, most important parts of Christianity.

what Jesus said was a consequence of who he was. So the words don’t define Jesus. It’s Jesus that defines the words.

And I think [„The Bible”] has given people permission to openly talk about God and the Bible. Even if they’re disagreeing, they’re talking about it


Morgado: I don’t make plans in my life about what I’m going to do next. I just live day by day, grateful to be alive and doing what I love to do. I’m just enjoying the moment. And I mean, whatever comes, it will come. Probably in the next month I’m going to be learning Chinese for a Chinese production. But I’ve never … when I started acting when I was 15, I took six years to decide that acting was what I wanted to do with my life. So this can tell you what a nonplanning man I am (laughing).



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