with an open heart


cum e sa nu fugi de ceea ce te sperie sau te doare? cum e sa cunosti ce comoara sta in spatele fiecarei frici sau dureri?

walking, smiling, listening, accepting with an open heart – the greatest vulnerability and courage in the same time..

You can do / tell anything to hurt me
But I won’t let this hurt my heart
Through the wound already existing in my own heart
I can hear your own pain

I’m no longer scared by the pains or deadly threads,
I lived them all.

I grew humbler,
I grew weaker,
In the burning strong winds at the crossroad,
I dropped all veils,
Surrounding my being.

I am still here
I am

Nimic din ce spui sau faci

nu ma poate rani cu adevarat


prin crestatura deja existenta din inima mea

Iti pot auzi durerea

Dincolo de cuvinte si orbire

Adevarul din mine aude adevarul necuvantat din tine.

Dincolo de cuvinte.


Nu ma mai sperie durerile, terorile

Le-am trait pe toate

Le vad la stiri

Le aud la fratii mei

Le-am trait in vietile mele

Le cunosc,

Pe fiecare in parte.


Am crescut mai umila

Am crescut in vulnerabilitate

La rascrucea in care sulfa vanturi puternic arzande,

mi-am lepadat rand pe rand voalurile cu care mi-am infasurat fiinta.


Eu sunt in simplitate


Pur si sumplu – Eu sunt.


Sagittarius Horoscope
Your emotions are running amok, forcing you to follow your instincts rather than common sense. Fortunately, the Full Moon in your sign enables you to experience brilliant flashes of awareness like strikes of lightning in a storm. Don’t withdraw from those closest to you just because the situation is uncomfortable. Instead, continue to share your feelings with those you trust most. The best way to cultivate your relationships now is to keep your heart open to surprises.



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