oh boy!


oh boy,

it comes a time when I’m not satisfied with the things the way they are! And I’m doing a nice revolution, oh yes! I will educate the uneducated inconsiderate clients …. In my career I had only one time the greatest interaction with a client… and it was so, because, I understood later he was himself an artist. One true artist will recognize and appreciate another colleague. It’s time for a revolution in my interactions with people – it will be a gentle revolution, but nevertheless a REVOLUTION – if I should repeat a million times the common sense things (which aren’t common anymore… 😦 I will create a procedure / disclaimer for this – maybe the client will understand the clear request from the designer because when I’m going to a tailor I don’t request: give me a deux piece suit by tomorrow!!! on my favorite colors, and make sure I will like it – I don’t do this with the tailor, so I wouldn’t tolerate the poor inconsiderate requests from other people – on the same scale of issues)

Wise Guy


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