a web of lies

2 days ago I had the most disturbing experience having a dialogue with a lady that is constantly watching the news: she started with a false accusation towards some people shown on a news – and when I asked her a few questions that would reveal the falsities in the statement she quickly changed the first affirmation into the opposites one “ poor people blabala” (I could sense her insincerity ) – and all this happened under less than one minute – it was so quicly, and so unexpected that I was baffled for a time, after this conversation ended (I had another similar episode with her – so I do hope it wont become a habit of her… 😦 – also she tried to attack me telling me I’m too young and uninformed (ya’ right! I’m so aware of the web of lies around me, I watch news from alternative sources, I train my muscles comparing  dissonant pieces of information – nowadays pure truth so rarely could be found, it needs to be extracted from the thick web of lies – I’m so grateful for the people exposing the hidden realities of what we are living)


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