Revolution Iyeoka


We play follow the leader
Hoping to learn something we never knew
They say ‘one, two, tree red light’
So we stop believing the green will come for you
So you wait and we wait for the red too

Somehow disappear and we stand
So paralyzed by these times
That predict our greatest feels
But deep inside you know you got to go,

You hear echoes of revolution lingering in the air
This counts for more than just being alive
More than step aside, wait
For the greens i’ll take you there

So rise my friend, take my hand
Let’s all go to this promised land.
Pick up a pen, make your demands
Tell’em how freedom can rein again
Unchain your voices, sing a song

That will live on and on and on long after we’re gone
Songs like lalalalalala lalalalala lalalalal lalalalala
I’ll sing you a song, powerful and fearless
Twisted enough to draw silence down your throats
And crack on your higher notes.
I’ll sing you a song and teach you how to turn it around
And build it back to the idea in which it came from.

These are manifestations of truth
Translating trouble daydreams
Into effortless dramas in
The perfect night vision
I’ll sing you a song that says
Nothing about lullabies, full of horning labels

We look nothing but multiple choice
We’ll sound nothing like pointless prepositions
Put there for the propose of controlling you
And waisting your heart and precious spending time

Im searching for words
In a poem that won’t confuse you
That will confirm elements of life that you already know
I wanna give you a testimony that tells you
That everybody gets there eventually
Maybe not where you are, but
Close enough for them to see the promised land

Im searching for words in a poem
That won’t make you see higher or further
Or make you think too differently from
What you already thought was an epiphany,
A path and all this inevitable and arguable truth, see?

We want magic and bouts of brilliants that last forever
We wanna discover our demons, dress them in white
Twist their souls in a peasant and turn them back to angels

We want drama and high speed, risk,
We wanna live our days in a echo of adrenaline highs
And testosterone trips, without the side effects of impedance and weakness

George bush, you want us to win the world
Without the protests, the bad press and the death holes
Thugs, you wanna fire your guns
Without the risk of hitting an innocent bi-standard

We wanna survive without the test, the tricks, the false hopes
And self-help books the pot, the rock and the hip-hop videos
We wanna survive without the journals, and the diaries
And the realilty tv shows, as if the shit in our lives ain’t real enough

Wallsteet, you want all your stocks arise
Guys, you wanna pull out in just the right time,
And ladies, you want to invest in that sure thing right?

You need him to exist somewhere
« i think i found him but i know im still waiting to exhale,
I want him to wake me up before
The last dorm of the summertime.

Trust the ways, pass the motion of the rip tight
Just so we can both see the sun rise
In a ribbon, in a cloud in the sky
The simple things, i want to make my father proud
And my mother understand because i chose right this time
You see, its quieter than sleep, and
This is the stuff in life that can make you believe
That just one turn west wound can fast forward

All your desires and dreams into this clear as day reality
I know the world has never been that easy
But consider the choice of slowing down
To let the air stuck in this moment and run free

These are unchained voices,
Singing you songs of familiar melodies.
Teaching you how to heat that note above and beyond middle c
Yeah, and you’re a baritone singing background vocals,
Sounds for lalala’s and do- re’s put there
For the filling of the blank beats and the melody created
And the tag says ‘right now, yes you’

Showing you a simple way to see
Through all of the colors of an unsolved rubik’s cube
Reconfirming elements of light that you already know
Sing me a song for the false starts,
Flatt notes and brand new broken bridges
And teach me how to turn it around
And we will sing those songs and resuscitate the society
To hard beats that justify humanity

Collectively, critically cross culturally
A song that teaches us, that reminds us how
How to just breath, just breath

Lalalalalala lalalalala lalalalal lalalalala
Sounds like revolution!
Lalalalalala lalalalala lalalalal lalalalala




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