Questions of today:

Questions of today:
Why are we cowards in our relationships?
Why we regret the qualities, the presence, the being of one awesome soul – ONLY – after its departure?
Can’t we acknowledge each day, each moment
The beauty and the generosity?
Why we mock and attack the weary weaknesses?
Why we attack the wounded?
Why we attack the tired soldiers of the unknown, unseen battles?
Why do you see so good the evil (sic!)
But have no eyes for the light, for the good?
Why it has to pass so many days, years, lifes,
So you can barely start to understand
Your tangled doings in this world?
Don’t answer to me.
Just think for yourself.
And Heal the World
Of your unconscious doings.
Again and again,
Til the very End
Just like in the beginning.

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